Twin E-books on DFM - Design For Manufacturability by Er Ramalingam- DFM & Innovation Consultant  


The philosophy of this book is based on the analogy of 'Design' being the 'Yang' and 'Manufacturability ' being the 'Yin" inspired from Taoistic & Hindu principles .'taoist directions for design & development ' calls for identifying gaps between Design & Manufacturability and gives simple  methodologies to bridge these gaps. This book is a DFM handbook for Industrial Units to improve quality of innovative product development. This is also a handbook for curious engineers, designers & innovators. 

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ISBN Code -978-93-5196-277-9

First DFM Handbook -Theory - Taoist Directions for Design & Development' released on 21st August 2014 @ Bangalore India during  Indian Technology Congress 2014 

Second DFM Handbook - Practice - ''MANUFACTURABILITY   FUNCTION   DEPLOYMENT(MFD) as annexure  for Implementations of Tao of DFM ''-released in  a combined CD format on 24th March 2017 @ MMA Chennai India It is further revised during 2018 with automated rankings for Gap Analysis for all the eight systems for all operations and then analysed for all eight  criterions with weightage to  FMEA also The final compatability percentage  to Tao of DFM for each product is evaluated .






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"The first DFM Book  in India is noteworthy..And do really have -more than a thousand of rules and guidleines !" 


       From Dr David M Anderson of USA, International expert in DFM 


"I am sure that this Handbook will be of great use  to all our engineers as well as students in the country including managements and business magnets "'


       From Er Ashok  Kumar Basa, President of The Institution of Engineers India 


'' Er Ramalingam highlights most of these concepts brilliantly and in his lighter approach put forth the greatest task of unifying the design ,development and productization ,which all meets the NDRF's objectives  and goals ''


       From Dr B V A Rao, Chairman of National Design & Research Forum Bangalore


              Well done. Useful for ‘Make in India’ new ventures and others.



        From Dr Y S Rajan -co-author to Dr APJ Abdul Kalam for the popular book 'India 2020'


About The Author


Engineer Ramalingam is a seasoned designer, entrepreneur and an expert in Design for Manufacturability (DFM) based in Chennai, India. He currently serves as the CEO of Engineers InnoVentures, a design and manufacturing consulting firm. He is the author of